• Animal Rights Lawyer, Camille Labchuk, on Canada’s Laws to Finish Shark-Finning and Cetacean Captivity and Animal Rights and Wrongs Camille Labchuk (@CamilleLabchuk) executive director of Animal Justice (@AnimalJustice) talks with Mark Leiren-Young (@Leirenyoung) about Canada's new laws to finish shark-finning & cancel cetacean captivity and fighting for legal rights for animals and vegans.  Skaana connects you with eco-heroes sharing ideas about oceans, eco-ethics, the environment and how you can change the world. "Canada hadn't passed any serious new animal protection legislation since the eighteen hundreds. That's pretty shocking to most people." - Camille Labchuk You can use the affiliate links below to support the pod. Join the Pod……https://www.patreon.com/mobydoll Skaana Tip Jar... https://paypal.me/skaana   Skaana home…..skaana.org Skaana on iTunes... Skaana.ca Facebook………..https://www.facebook.com/skaanapod/ Twitter……………https://twitter.com/leirenyoung The Killer Whale Who Changed the World…. http://amzn.to/2pRNU1q Rayne Ellycrys Benu
    November 30, 2019

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