10480557_10152548834540645_8781822440071285478_oWe had a lot of special guests in Greenpieces: The World’s First Eco-Comedy (featuring Local Anxiety aka Kevin Crofton & me), but there was one person we were determined to include – Canada’s eco-icon Dr. David Suzuki.

The premise of the special was that Kevin didn’t see trees – he saw dollar bills. And I never met a whale or tree I didn’t want to hug. Kevin worshipped um… Donald Trump. My hero was Dr. David Suzuki and I used his name as my eco-deity. When we found out my eco-hero was game to do a sketch with us, we were thrilled. The catch…we were filming our special in Vancouver while my hero was working on The Nature of Things.

Then I scored a job writing an awards show for the CBC in Toronto and we thought… hmmm… We hired a cameraman and I came up with a sketch where I meet my hero in TO (just across from the CBC building).

Suzuki just turned 80 and, if you’d like to give him a renewable birthday present, here’s the link to the foundation he founded.

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