From the speech I gave at the National Energy Board Hearings on the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline in August, 2016…

I’ve dedicated the last few years to learning about the Southern Resident orcas – this is the most iconic ecotype of BC’s most iconic species – the orcas who survive almost entirely on a diet of Chinook salmon found in the Salish Sea.

The first ever killer whale displayed in captivity, Moby Doll, was a Southern Resident. The original Shamu was a Southern Resident.

Granny, the 105-year-old matriarch of J-Pod, is a Southern Resident.

There are currently 82 Southern Residents in the wild and one – Lolita or Tokitae – at the Seaquarium in Florida.

When the National Energy Board released its report on this pipeline expansion my first question was: “what does this means for the Southern Residents?”

To the National Energy Board’s credit, that question was answered. Basically, the answer is extinction.

For the full text visit The National Observer.

The NEB is still accepting comments until the end of September. Add your two cents now and help save our orcas.