GREENER THAN THOU  A solo show written by and starring Mark Leiren-Young. Greener Than Thou was directed and dramturged by acclaimed solo performer TJ Dawe, director of the off-Broadway smash, “One Man Star Wars” the full-length version of Greener Than Thou received its world premiere in Feb, 2012 at the Western Edge Theatre in Nanaimo.

“…a warm and thoughtful presence onstage… . Greener Than Thou is a healthy reminder that we should all calm down, think clearly and work together.” Edmonton Journal

 “It’s not easy being green — and in this solo show written and performed by Leacock Award-winner Mark Leiren-Young, the challenges of sustaining sustainability have never been funnier. From going vegetarian only to find out soy can kill you, to hating Nike because they pollute rivers in China, but still having to wear their sneakers because they’re the only kind that don’t make your feet bleed, to the fact that you really want to like environmentalists, but some of them are so damn self-righteous, Greener than Thou is a wry and highly entertaining account of one man’s struggle to find a middle path in a world that is, literally, melting around him…Greener than Thou is an ingratiating one-man show about trying to live an eco-friendly life even though, sometimes, it seems that only saints and David Suzuki are capable of it.” (Nanaimo Daily News).

“Leiren-Young is no radical. In fact, he’s an inspiring moderate with a simple but profound message: think critically about the environmental beliefs we’ve accepted as fact for years, do the best you can, and small changes can change the world. Fascinating and well-written, this show is important and should be seen.” Edmonton Vue 

Local Anxiety

Rocketed to earth when the distant planet Krypton exploded and bitten by radioactive marmots, “Canada’s masters of social and political satire” Local Anxiety were writing and performing eco-comedy before Al Gore invented the environment.

Local Anxiety is comprised of Mark Leiren-Young, winner of the 2009 Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour and actor/musician Kevin Crofton – though they were frequently joined on stage by (often famous) guest stars.

Their hour-long TV special Greenpieces: An Eco-Comedy won rave reviews when it debuted on VTV in Canada and was featured on Canada’s “Green Channel.” Shot live at the Vancouver International Folk Festival, Greenpieces featured special guest appearances by such environmental icons as Dr. David Suzuki and received an EarthVision award from PBS for “excellence in environmental film-making.”

They released an eco-comedy CD (now on Spotify, also entitled Greenpieces.

TV appearances include CBC’s Sketchcom, the Jim Byrnes Show and multiple appearances on Canada AM. They received a Washington State Press award for their work with National Public Radio in the U.S, they’ve had numerous commissions from CBC Radio in Canada and they’ve also been heard on the much mourned Dr. Demento Show. They headlined at most major comedy festivals across Canada and have played major theatres across Canada. Their annual “Year in Revue” was a Vancouver tradition.