“The ocean is a planetary issue, not a First Nations issue.”

Can a determined teenager stop a pipeline? Zoe Hopkins’ new movie, Kayak to Klemtu, was inspired by the battle to stop the Northern Gateway Pipeline. Mark Leiren-Young hosted Hopkins at the 2017 Victoria Film Festival where she talked about the inspirations behind her inspiring new movie.

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Significant quotes:

“Should tankers pass through these waters, the threat of a spill is not only a potential, it is a certainty. The only uncertainty is how long would we have to wait and how many times would it happen.” (from Kayak to Klemtu) [3:42]

“I wanted to make a road movie on the water.” [5:43]

“I’m gonna send J.T. (Justin Trudeau) a link. We’ll see what he has to say.”  [14:04]

“The ocean is a planetary issue, not a First Nations issue.” [16:56]

“The day after we wrapped an oil spill happened in Bella Bella.” [17:25]

“This is a coastal issue. Not a socio-political issue.” [18:06]


Zoe Hopkins and Kayak to Klemtu:

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