I know I’m supposed to feel better about the fact that my Canucks were beaten by a team that made the Stanley Cup Finals and only lost one other game on the road to the big dance. I know I’m supposed to take solace in the fact that the last three teams that beat the Canucks in the playoffs won the grandest prize in sports. I don’t.

I can’t help viewing the Stanley Cup as half empty and thinking… the Canucks should have been the team that buried the Blues and made the Coyotes howl if only…

The Canucks that were there through the regular season had shown up against the LA Kings.

Right after making his deal to return to the Canucks, Coach V offered a minor mea cup admitting that he never bothered adjusting to the absence of the team’s top scorer Daniel Sedin because he believed medical reports that number 22 would be there for opening night of the playoffs. As they say en Francaise, “oopsy daisy.”

Mind you, I’m not sure how he could have prepared for all-star Alex Edler being possessed by the spirit of Zenith Komarinski, or Ryan Kesler playing like he was on the waiting list for surgery (no matter what the coach thought) or Alex Burrows auditioning for his old ball hockey gig or… I’ll stop now… the pain’s still too fresh.

The good news is that hockey fans get to try to stay awake for the Los Angeles Kings challenging the New Jersey Devils to see who can block the most shots.

The series sounds so boring I’m expecting Don Cherry to show up for Coach’s Corner in Bay Street regulation business suits.

I checked the odds at  http://www.partycasino.com and odds makers have the Stanley Cup betting line with the LA Kings at 1:55 and the Devils at 2:40, which I think is gambler-speak for, “bet on something more exciting like water polo or croquet or hamster racing.”

I can’t remember ever being more ambivalent about the eventual Cup winner.

Part of me thinks I should be rooting for the Devils because they practically patented the slow paced hockey-like game that has dominated the 2012 playoffs and, hey, what a curtain call for Marty Brodeur.

Part of me thinks I should be rooting for the Kings to sweep the series because then the Canucks don’t look like such chumps for going down in round one and, hey, Willie Mitchell’s from Vancouver and he seems like a genuinely nice guy.

But most of me’s just rooting for the series to be over so I can forget about another season that got away.

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