Jim Munroe

photos from the music video shoot

You who live a life of leisure, you who live a life of ease
In your mansions in the country, in your yacht upon the sea
Does your conscience ever picture on the tablet of your brain
The sad thought men in misery, pulling lumber off the chain

When the pond is full of timber, the Jack-ladder’s running wild
And the sawyer in his carriage has his cutters set and filed
From the chipper to the bandsaw to the trimsaw, through the plane
Runs that endless pile of lumber out upon the long green chain

Well the pondmen think they’re Bunyans, and the scaler thinks he’s God
And the sawyer thinks that both of them are lazy useless sots
But if the truth were ever looked for in the lies that pour like rain
You would find out that the heroes are the workers on the chain

When the shift boss hits the button, well you’d better look alive
‘Cause the lumber it comes rolling like the bees out of a hive
And you’ll feel the sweat come pouring as each muscle screams with pain
And you wonder is it worth it working on the chain

When I go to meet my maker, there’s just one hope I hold
That Saint Peter at the Pearly gates won’t leave me in the cold
But if he sends me down below the truth to you I’ll tell
I still won’t be unhappy ’cause that green chain’s worse than hell