Fans of the TV series The Good Wife are in shock, in mourning or still wearing their pyjamas as they binge-watch the first three seasons of their favourite show. Will Gardner – the show’s leading man and the title character’s longtime love interest — is dead.  The moment a deranged gunman fired the shot heard around the world wide web social media outlets went ballistic. Even if Josh Charles, the actor playing Will, wanted to leave the show to open a bar with Shelley Long and David Caruso there must have been other exit options that were less drastic.

Actually, there were ten other contenders the show’s writers considered for Will’s final scene…

10.  Zombie Apocalypse. Kalinda eats Will’s brains.

9.    After being disbarred for refusing to testify against Governor Peter Florrick, Will buys an RV goes on the lam and learns how to cook the world’s best crystal meth.

8.   Will meets drug lord client Lemond Fisher in a diner, Don’t Stop Believin’ starts playing on the jukebox. Fade to black.

7.   In exchange for testifying against Peter Florrick Will is placed in witness protection where he is sent into hiding on The Michael J Fox Show.

6.   Will takes a vacation on Oceanic flight 815 and crashes on an island with polar bears, smoke monsters and a mysterious hatch but returns to Chicago a better man because Alicia is his “constant.”

5.   During a trial Will dies from a brain tumour but haunts Alicia in flashbacks where he’s always acccompanied by a creepy dancing baby.

4.  Will moves to Seattle to share a place with George Clooney. All goes well until Will is run over by Meredith Gray. After being rescued by McDreamy (in a once in a lifetime surgery that no one else in the world would dare to perform) Will moves to Washington where he is tortured by Huck, imprisoned by SD-6 and asked to serve as Sally Langston’s vice-presidential pick.

3.   Peter Florrick steps out of or a limo, says he had a horrible dream that he went to jail and invites Alicia to move to Paris.

2.   Josh Charles leaves the show but the character of Will remains and is played by Dick Sargent.

1.   Will leaves the firm and returns to his first love — cohosting a sports TV show with the guy from Six Feet Under.

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