I know there was a preseason.

I tried to care.

I read the sports headlines. But I didn’t read the stories.

I saw that Owen Nolan was trying out for the team. I saw that he was cut. I know Christian Ehrhoff made a lot of free agent money and is now playing for… some other team.

Roberto Luongo is back. Cory Schneider is still here. Eddie Lack is apparently good enough that everyone isn’t panicking over the future fate of Cory Schneider.

Ryan Kesler and Mason Raymond are stil recovering. I know this. Manny’s back.

And… I’m trying to care.

And, so far… I’m not quite pulling it off.

The media always talks about the Stanley Cup hangover for teams, but what about the Stanley Cup hangover for fans?

After a magical season followed by two months that took Canucks fans on an emotional rollercoaster ending with a game seven that shattered our hearts long before there were any shattered windows, a game where the hobbled Canucks looked about as deserving of the Cup as the all-rookie team Vigneault started against the Oilers, I’m trying to recapture the passion from last season, but so far I haven’t even bothered to mark the games in my calendar yet.

I feel like asking someone to wake me when we’re back in the Finals.

I’m hoping this is just a preseason thing – that after all these years of fandom I get that preseason stats are about as relevant a predictor of a team’s success as the colour of a new third jersey, but I’m not sure yet.

Maybe it’ll help if Sidney Crosby shows up for game one. Maybe it won’t.

Maybe it’ll help if Henrik and Daniel are dueling each other for the Art Ross again. Maybe it won’t.

Usually I can’t wait for hockey to start in October. But today… all I can think about is hockey next June.

Of course, all that could change when they drop the puck tonight.

Are you ready to cheer yet?

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