So I haven’t done the promo thing here in a loooooooong time, but this is news it seemed crazy not to share and to offer special discount tickets to my new play which runs May 9-25th at the Granville Island Stage (the theatre formerly known as Prince, I mean The Arts Club Granville Island).

The new play is funnier than my first book Never Shoot a Stampede Queen which won the 2009 Leacock Medal for Humour. It’s called Never Shoot a Stampede Queen. Director dramaturge TJ Dawe has helped me craft a stage version of the story that shares my wild adventures as a naive young journalist in a totally new way and includes a bunch of fun, funny, strange stuff that I didn’t know when I wrote the book (that I’ve been told by some of the people featured in the book). The show stars Zachary Stevenson (the Arts Club’s Buddy Holly) and he’s amazing and much cuter I’ve ever been. Lucky me!

The show is a co-op production and the co-op is me, T.J. And Zach. Since we’re covering this on our Visa cards we considered looking for crowd funding but realized that what we really wanted was a crowd so please join us and tell your friends. We’ve got a special discount code that’ll get you $10 off most tickets – buddyholly. Get it?

If you’d like to attend our preview on May 9th for just $12 — yes, less than a movie ticket, less than a Fringe show — use the special preview code PREVIEW.

I’m planning to be at the show almost every night to sign books. And T.J., Zach and I will be sticking around for talkback sessions after the shows on Wed nights and Saturday afternoons. There’s also going to be a special Philosopher’s Cafe event on Saturday the 18th. For details check stampedequeen.ca or Facebook or #stampedequeen. For tickets visit http://www.vancouvertix.com/

The stage version of Stampede Queen just closed in Kamloops at the Western Canada Theatre where it played to full houses, standing ovations and rave reviews. This version just finished a brief preview run in Duncan — also playing to a couple of packed houses, a standing O and delighted audiences. The show is big fun and 100% Stampede Queen approved (we had Stampede Queens show up and approve it).

I’ve also got a new book out – a prequel of sorts to Stampede Queen.

Free Magic Secrets Revealed (published by Harbour) is about my embarrassing adventures as a teenager producing the greatest rock and roll magic show of all time. You don’t remember the greatest rock and roll magic show of all time? Yeah, that’d be what the book’s about. I think it’s funnier than Stampede Queen and a bunch of past Leacock winners — Ian and Will Ferguson and Terry Fallis agree. Unlike Stampede Queen it’s 100% homicide free — not that I wasn’t tempted to commit a few.

Magic Secrets should be in better bookstores now. The definition of “better bookstores” – any bookstore carrying my books…  I’ve also got a link for online purchases here. And there’s a new website for it coming soon at http://blackmetalfantasy.com/

More news on the book after the show is over!

I’m also doing a special Stampede Queen mailing list that you can subscribe to here. It’ll offer special info about the show, the book, any touring plans and maybe even some stories that aren’t in the book.

Anyway… If you’ve read this far just a note that I’m gonna try to blog more regularly and write about some of my favourite stuff from my interviews — the stuff that’s a little too left field for the stories I’m writing. Coming soon Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols talks about touring with  Duke Ellington, Dennis Quaid talking about… Something cool… And Penn from Penn and Teller on his favourite magic tricks.

Hope to see you at Stampede Queen.


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