<span>About the Actor</span> Zachary Stevenson

About the Actor Zachary Stevenson

Named one of the top ten talents to watch in the Vancouver Sun, Zachary Stevenson is an accomplished singer, songwriter, actor and multi-instrumentalist. With a BFA in theatre, Zach has been featured both as an actor and musician in major theatres and concert venues across North America from Victoria to Halifax, from the Queen Charlotte Islands to New York City. read full bio

What people say:

“Stevenson can sing… The guy is a knockout.” -Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight, Vancouver

“Buddy’s a blistering winner […] feel-great, leaving its audience roaring for more… Zachary Stevenson nails the rock ‘n’ roll legend in a full-throttle tribute that fires on all cylinders” —Peter Birnie, The Vancouver Sun

“Zachary Stevenson is one of the most charming talents to grace local stages in ages” -John Threfald, Monday Magazine, Victoria

“Stevenson is just as engaging as ever […] from devilish swagger to drunken stagger, Stevenson is totally believable as Williams, and his smooth voice and heartfelt delivery are more than up to the tunes”– Monday Magazine, Victoria

“5 Stars (Out of Five)” - Times Colonist, Victoria re: Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave

“Zachary Stevenson doesn’t portray Phil Ochs. He is Phil Ochs. The complex, mercurial personality; the songs […] Stevenson nails it all-Patrick Langston, Ottawa Citizen

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