<span>About the Actor</span> Ryan Beil

About the Actor Ryan Beil


Ryan Beil is a classically trained actor, with a BFA in Acting from The University of British Columbia.  Some recent credits: Comedy of Errors (Bard on the Beach), Billy Bishop Goes to War (Arts Club), American Buffalo (Main Street Theatre Co) and an improvised one-act play Skin and Lungs (The Globe Theatre). read full bio

What people say:

Reviews of Never Shoot a Stampede Queen

The way actor Ryan Beil jumps from character to character — he plays more than a dozen people in Stampede Queen — is something that must be seen to be believed.

Every character in this play is distinct. The audience is never confused as to whom Beil portrays at any given time. His mannerisms and voice are different for each, and bring Leiren-Young’s sharp words to life.

Ever wonder how The Rocky Horror Picture Show would go over in Williams Lake? Beil and Leiren-Young provide that insight in a scene complete with a dance number that had the Pavilion audience at Thursday’s preview in stitches.

Things do get serious in Stampede Queen from time to time, but it’s Leiren-Young’s humour and Beil’s performance that win the day. ~Kamloops Daily News

Reviews of Billy Bishop

“I urge you to see this cocky, hilarious tour de force. With this performance, Ryan Beil secures a position in the city’s top tier of actors.” —Michael Harris, Globe and Mail

“Beil is proving to be a tremendously versatile performer and, like Bishop, bound for glory.” —Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier

“Ryan Beil accomplishes the impossible…He takes one of the best-known plays in the Canadian theatrical canon and makes it howl on the stage as though it were just born. I was riveted…” —Michael Harris, Globe and Mail

“…Beil and Gray fit hand in glove, whether singing beautiful harmonies or playing the part of pals in hell, their tight teamwork makes this show much more than the sum of its parts…you may well be moved to tears by this rich and timely return to a touching tribute.” —Peter Birnie, The Vancouver Sun

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