<span>About the Play</span> Never Shoot a Stampede Queen

About the Play Never Shoot a Stampede Queen

About the Play: Never Shoot a Stampede Queen

“A witty, fast-paced tale of small-town journalism, First Nations poverty, Valdy and, yes, stampede queens. Several stampede queens actually. Stampede Queen is funny. Really funny,”
Jason Hewlett Kamloops Daily News


Zachary Stevenson (the Arts Club’s Buddy Holly) stars in the stage adaptation of Mark Leiren-Young’s bestselling memoir Never Shoot A Stampede Queen — winner of the 2009 Stephen  Leacock Medal for humour.

Adapted for the stage by the author and directed and dramaturged by acclaimed solo show specialist T.J Dawe, Stampede Queen the hit comedy arrives received its world premiere at Western Canada Theatre in Kamloops, playing to packed houses and standing ovations.

The night Mark Leiren-Young drove into Williams Lake, British Columbia, to work as a reporter for the venerable Williams Lake Tribune, he arrived on the scene of an armed robbery. And that was before things got weird. For a 22-year-old from Vancouver, a stint in the legendary Cariboo town was a trip to another world and another era.

“Williams Lake comes across as the Wild West mixed with Capone-era Chicago with a soupçon of Jim Crow Deep South segregation and an unsavory dash of perversion.”
Tom Hawthorn The Globe and Mail


Never Shoot a Stampede Queen follows the adventures of a big city (Vancouver) boy who arrives in the crime capital of BC (Williams Lake) and discovers stranger news, quirkier characters, and better friends than he ever could have imagined. He also learns about the dangers of photographing aspiring rodeo royalty.

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