Never Shoot A  Stampede Queen is a terrific debut; funny, moving and profound. You will  laugh out loud.Will Ferguson

Never Shoot a Stampede Queen WON the 2009 Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour.

Never Shoot a Stampede Queen is a collection of true-life tall tales about a rookie reporter’s adventures in Canada’s still-very-wild West.

The night Mark Leiren-Young drove into Williams Lake, British Columbia, in 1985 to work as a reporter for the venerable Williams Lake Tribune, he arrived on the scene of an armed robbery. And that was before things got weird.

For a 22-year-old from Vancouver, a stint in the legendary Cariboo town was a trip to another world and another era. From the explosive opening, where Mark finds himself in a courtroom just a few feet away from a defendant with a bomb strapped to his chest, to the case of a plane that crashed without its pilot on board, Never Shoot a Stampede Queen is an unforgettable comic memoir of a city boy learning about — and learning to love — life in a cowboy town.

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The cops wanted to shoot me, my bosses thought I was a Bolshevik, and a local lawyer warned me that some people I was writing about might try to test the strength of my skull with a steel pipe. What more could any young reporter hope for from his first real job?