Skaana host Mark Leiren-Young (@leirenyoung) kicks off 2020 with a new vision and our amazing new theme song – Skana – by our special guest Leah Abramson (@abramsonsingers). Find out about her awesome album of songs for and about whales Songs For a Lost Pod.

Skaana connects you to stories about oceans, eco-ethics and the environment.

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Show Notes:

  • Introduction to Leah Abramson(0:00)
  • Welcome to a New Season (0:32)
  • How Tahlequah changed the world (1:16)
  • Up next on Skaana (2:03)
  • Thoughts on “Fair Use” (3:56)
  • Leah Abramson: About the Skana song (5:31)
  • How “Lost Pod” Happened (7:34)
  • History with Orcas (9:19)
  • Other songs and stories on the album (10:21)
  • Response to the album (16:02)
  • What’s next and favourite Orca experience (18:28)
  • That’s a wrap (22:26)
  • Skana by Leah Abramson(23:24)


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