Sad showing for BC film and TV creators at the Canadian Screen Awards.

BC feature films were shut out of the nominations and other than some well-deserved love for Continuum (although where were the nods for the cast?) the nominations list should be tagged on as an addendum to the Save BC Film petition, which has just shy of 23,000 name on it at the moment.

If you haven’t already signed, here’s the scoop form the petition:

“The BC film industry, and the families of those 25 thousand employees, are struggling because of a continuous lack of provincial support. Please sign this petition and give our Premier a “compelling case” to change our tax incentives and help save the BC film industry. Lets make our voices be heard and fight to keep our industry alive! We are the many, who believe that this province is greater and stronger for having BC film in it! #savebcfilm”

Here’s the thank you letter I sent to former Minister of Finance, Carole Taylor when she kept credits alive a few years ago.

I just wanted to pass on my thanks for your decision to continue supporting television and film production in BC.

As a British Columbian who had to move to Ontario to follow the work in the television industry, I can tell you that these incentives really do make a difference. Just ask the producers who abandoned Alberta… or the producers who have suddenly decided they want to make movies in New Brunswick or Saskatchewan.

B.C.’s time zone, climate and incredible talent pool do make the province more attractive to the tv/film world than the rest of the country — but not attractive enough for producers to pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars more to shoot here.

Sign, share, tweet, lather, rinse, repeat.

And congrats to everyone — regardless of which province you call home — who did score a nomination.


Mark Leiren-Young

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