Mark’s latest comedy, Bar Mitzvah Boy, opens at the Harold Green Theatre November 17th.

The play debuted in 2018 at Pacific Theatre in Vancouver. The US premiere was at the Chester Theatre in Mass.

A Czech translation of his play, Shylock (starring Milan Knazko), is in repertory in Prague through 2020.

His plays have been produced throughout North America and also staged in Europe and Australia. Shylock has been translated into French, Czech and Dutch. Shylock and Articles of Faith are published by Anvil Press.

Vancouver reviews:
“Two-handed tour de force… Leiren-Young is a Shaw with a peculiarly Jewish piquancy, tantalisingly sweet-and-sour, like my Bubbeh’s celebrated Brisket. Such complex cookery takes deft hands to bring to table.” 
Vancouver Observer
“Thought-provoking, uplifting and entertaining. Mazel Tov!”
Review Vancouver
“A gentle, bittersweet comedy that’s both charming and undemanding—a perfect date show, regardless of your faith.”
– The Georgia Straight
Here’s the sizzle sheet Pacific Theatre did:
US reviews – Chester, Mass:
“Audiences of all faiths or no-faiths will appreciate the humanity of its characters and the dilemmas they face which become evident as the action unfolds.”
More Theatre Talk, Chester, Mass
“Warm, wise and wonderful…It is rare to see a play in which the story, acting and virtually every production element work so harmoniously together; bravo to director Guy Ben-Aharon for his meticulous creativity and thoughtful staging. The standing ovation which the opening evening performance received came truly from an appreciative audience’s heart. Chester Theatre’s “Bar Mitzvah Boy” is luminous and lovely.”
Inthespotlight – Chester, Mass