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The Southern Resident Orcas do not have a voice in Canada’s federal election.  We wanted to give them a chance to speak their truth.  Here it is, with a little commentary from Mark Leiren-Young.

The NDP’s “New Deal for People”

Read the official NDP Platform here:

The NDP’s “New Deal for People” doesn’t mention whales at all and likely won’t until the southern residents unionize or Right Whales are renamed Left Whales. They do, however, mention salmon. Once. Possibly because they’re pink? The Jagmeet juggernaut proposes implementing the 2018 Cohen commission report to protect wild salmon—so the orcas should find that promise tasty.

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A message from the producer Rayne Benu:

Decisions being made by our leaders over the next four years will change the course of history and could be the key factor in whether our Southern Residents survive and thrive.

I can’t tell you who to vote for this election.

I carry a deep sadness in my heart that none of the parties have any official policy on the Southern Residents.  I have a longing in my soul for someone to stand up and represent the species that live here on our beautiful planet, that do not have a voice.   Many people and organizations are willing to stand up and use the images of the orcas when it’s convenient for them to make a political point, or to sell an idea, but when it comes down to the fundamental truths that they live by, forget to mention the Orcas in their policies, core platforms and overall vision.

If a party had a policy or had even mentioned the SROs in their platforms, that is who I would be championing.    

With the federal election, and what’s happening down south, it’s hard not to feel discouraged by it all.  I look around and there’s a lot public mudslinging, so much it’s getting hard to see the actual people with all the mud on their faces (ok, some of that is probably just the brown-face….)

I worry a lot about how partisan we are all getting – how tribal and us vs them things can be.

I encourage you with all my heart to ask good questions of the individuals involved right now, instead of throwing more mud.

I know you have a million things to do this weekend,  but I want to encourage you to take a moment to try to meet or get to know something about the person you’re considering voting for in your riding.    There’s still time.

Are they someone you could talk to or bring concerns to?   Do they want to serve the people, or is running for office an ego trip?  Do their volunteers like them? Is the campaign office a positive and welcoming place to be?   How do they work with others?   Are they integral?  Honest?   Clear on their objectives?  Are they kind?

If you can have a conversation, there’s room to grow.  No matter which party wins the election, your representative is there for you, and we all better make sure that they care about their communities.  You are the only voice in this election that the Southern Residents have.    

Please use your voice responsibly, and consider those who can not speak and whose family, culture and future are on the line this election.

Peace out


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