My Walrus story on Moby Doll, The Last Killer Whale, just swam free out of the paywall aquarium.  So for those of you who don’t subscribe to The Walrus yet, here she blows… It’s always a treat to write for The Walrus and to work with editor, Sasha Chapman.  Our last story together – a profile of Adbusters founder, Kalle Lasn – was nominated for a National Magazine Award for profile writing.

On October 29th, my documentary for CBC’s Ideas  – Moby Doll: The Whale that Changed the World – won a Webster Award for “Best Radio Documentary.” It was the perfect night to celebrate because my amazing producer, Yvonne Gall, was set to retire the following week.   So, once, again, THANK YOU YVONNE.

And thank you to all the whale lovers, friends and interns who’ve helped me tell this story.  I’ve been chasing this whale tale for longer than Ahab was after Moby Dick and I’m not done yet.

Next month I’m heading into the editing suite to work on a rough cut of a feature documentary about Moby Doll’s life and legacy – The Last Killer Whale: The Legend and Legacy of Moby Doll. If you’d like to help out please send me any leads you have on footage of Orcas – especially Orcas from J-Pod – that might be available and worth including in the doc.

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And now… time to get back underwater…

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