The latest on the Lummi Nation’s fight to free Lolita (Tokitae), ceremonial feedings of the southern resident orcas, rights, responsibilities and reunification from Kurt Russo of the Lummi Nation Sovereignty and Treaty Protection Office. Stories of inspiring actions to save the orcas for Orca Action Month. 

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The Killer Whale Who Changed the World….


00:30 – The fight to save Scarlet (J50)

02:05 – Meet Kurt Russo

04:05 – Ceremonial feeding of the Southern Residents

10:20 – On Inherent Rights

11:45 – The experience and frustrations of collaborating with other governments

13:13 – The spiritual ramifications of the ceremonial feedings

15:18 – Comparison of the Orca’s struggles with the Lummi struggles

16:30 – On the Lummis and their relationship with orcas, and why their worlds are intertwined

18:12 – Lummis and the fight to save Lolita (Tokitae) from the Miami Seaquarium

23:44 – On whale reunification

25:30 – Whales sharing knowledge

28:44 – On the Earth Law Center in New York and the nature of modern capitalism in regards to nature

32:26 – On orcas (and sharks!) and sentience

33:58 – What YOU can do to help the Lummi and the Salish Sea


  1. Lummi Nation fights for return of relative
  2.  Rembering Lolita, an orca taken nearly 49 years ago and still in captivity at the Miami Seaquarium

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