Dr. Lori Marino (Blackfish; The Sanctuary Project; The Kimmela Centre for Animal Advocacy) on seeking sanctuary, captive orcas (Corky, Lolita & Kiska), animal rights and wrongs & more.

“Being a dolphin in a captive environment, in a concrete tank, doing tricks, is not being a dolphin… A dolphin is someone who has a life to lead and is not necessarily interested in looking to you to enrich their lives, they’re going about their business.

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Making Waves with Dr. Lori Marino

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Show Notes:

  • What the whale sanctuary project is all about (4:03)
  • When Marino became moved by dolphins in captivity/mirror self-recognition (5:05)
  • The cost of solitary confinement for cetaceans (7:30)
  • Why sanctuaries are the best option for most captive cetaceans (10:10)
  • Corky & Paul Spong (13:20)
  • Lolita (16:42)
  • Kiska (19:46)
  • The Canadian Senate versus captivity (21:20)
  • And much more….

Significant quotes:

“We would keep them safe and healthy for the rest of their lives.”

“I made a concerted decision that I was not going to do any more research on captive dolphins.”

“An orca that was born in captivity doesn’t know that live fish are food.”

“These orcas have been deprived of everything that makes life worth living.”

“People do not want to see orcas in concrete tanks.”

“This is all about the whales.”


  1. Dr. Marino talks possible sanctuary locations 

  2. Mirrors and dolphins 
  3. Are dolphins smarter than your kid?
  4. The Canadian Senate talks cetacean rights
  5. The fight for cetacean sanctuaries

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