Tahlequah & Ti-Tahlequah

Saving Scarlet, surrendering on Scoter, grieving with Tahlequah and praying for pregnant orcas. A news update on the southern residents with Skaana host: Mark Leiren-Young (@leirenyoung).

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Yes, there is a rescue plan?—?sort of. But if you read beyond the headlines/clickbait (does anyone still do that?) the plan depends on an almost impossible number of pieces falling into place. The proposal to capture, diagnose and treat the dying little orca basically depends on a scenario just shy of Scarlet swimming away from her family, leaping into NOAA’s boat and signing a medical release form. The plan requires Scarlet to be seperated from her family?—?or beached?—?and appear unable to catch or find them. Oh, and humans have to be able to spot this tiny, struggling orca when she’s miles away from her pod. So if you’re in favour of?—?or opposed to?—?a bold, dramatic rescue attempt?—?it’s on the table, but unlikely.” – Mark Leiren-Young (Skaana Magazine)

Scarlet 2015-2018
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