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Dyna Tuytel, lawyer for Ecojustice (@ecojustice_ca), Eugene Kung Westcoast Environmental Law (@WCELawand Misty MacDuffee (@DufflingRaincoast Conservation Foundation (@Raincoaston the landmark ruling that orcas are more important than oil.

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The full ruling from the Federal Appeals Court.

The Georgia Straight on the court’s wake up call to Canada

Info on the Emergency Order

“I have found that the Board erred by unjustifiably excluding Project-related marine shipping from the Project’s definition. While the Board’s assessment of Project-related shipping was adequate for the purpose of informing the Governor in Council about the effects of such shipping on the Southern resident killer whale, the Board’s report was also sufficient to put the Governor in Council on notice that the Board had unjustifiably excluded Project-related shipping from the Project’s definition.”

Dyna Tuytel – Ecojustice
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