What do a movie star, a magician and BC’s Minister of the Environment have in common? Mark Leiren-Young on the terms of his surrender in his quest to interview BC Environment Minister @GeorgeHeyman about the southern resident orcas.

“No policy questions whatsoever on orcas.” 

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Show Notes:

  • Our YouTube riff on George Heyman
  • Whistleblower by Dan Mangan
  • And much more….

Significant quotes:

“Just to make sure I had no time to go rogue, the 30 minute interview was cut to 20 — despite my repeated offer to talk whenever and wherever was convenient for the Minister.”

As much fun as it would be to meet George Heyman, ask if he likes whales and then spend the rest of our time shooting the breeze about Brock Boeser’s Rookie-of-the-Year chances, I decide to make like Henrik Sedin and pass.

In the thousands of interviews I’ve done I can only think of two times was ever told any topic was “off-limits.”

When I interviewed Justin Trudeau guess how many topics I was told to avoid? None.


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