Appearing as the special celeb guest with Hey Ladies Presents: Too Much Show (starring Davina Stewart, Cathleen Rootsaert and Leona Brausen) Tav Rayne photo

I’d just stepped off stage from the world premiere of Greener Than Thou at the Edmonton Fringe Festival and the guy coming towards me did not look happy. I braced for him to tell this BC boy to stick to making cracks about trees and salmon and hemp-wearing hippies and lay off G-d’s gift to Albertans — the tar sands or as they call them out here… the oil sands, ethical oil or the elixir of life for ambulances and emergency veterinarians saving puppies…

Instead he tells me he’s a professor from the University of Alberta and he wants to make sure I don’t let audience members off the hook so easily because Albertans own the resource and that means they can have more of a say in managing it and, if they want to, they can make decisions about just how ethically their ethical oil is produced. More on this soon…

I talked about the professor in the show on night two.

After the next performance a young vegan shyly approached me to ask for more information about some of the scary soy facts in the show. Today, two more young vegetarians wanted to talk about the terrifying missing links in our food chain and a Fringe volunteer declared that he had to buy me a drink to thank me and pressed two beer tickets into my hands.

The response to Greener Than Thou has been… kinda inspiring…

The idea behind the show was to spark a conversation, hopefully get a few more people a little more involved in doing the green(er) thing and… make ’em laugh.

So far, so good.

And the Edmonton Journal dubbed me an, “Eco-Warrior.” Wow.


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