Lyrics and Music: Mark Leiren-Young and Kevin Crofton
I been sitting in the kitchen recyclin’ cans, peelin’ off the labels and I cut my hand.  Got a hundred newspapers in my little car trunk, my basement is full of recyclable junk.

Got them green guilt blues, Got them green guilt blues.

Started my own compost heap I really worked hard, only problem is now there’s rats in my yard. I’m recyclin’ plastics, I’m recyclin’ glass and I hate to admit it but it’s a pain in the -Oh Baby!

Got them no smoking, no drinking, head hurts from too much thinking blues.

Mercury in the tuna, chemicals in the sprouts, radiation in the milk and I hear that soy is out. I’m really bein careful watchin what I eat, but forget it man I ain’t givin up meat

Got them organic, tofu, everything is bad for you blues

-It’s not easy goin green paying my environmental dues, so I’m trying to be good but you know I got them eco-blues


-Reuse, recycle, repent

I’m so scared of the sun I don’t want to be fried, so when I’m at the beach I wear Coppertone 95.  And if the sun is shinin and I’m tryin to look cute I wear a string bikini on my nuclear fallout suit

Got them green guilt, red tide, pull up the covers and hide, Growing ozone hole, flourocarbons melt the North Pole, Rain forest revival, planetary survival blues