Q: How do I contact Mark?

A: Smoke signals would be really cool – unlikely to be very effective and not very eco-friendly, but really cool. Other options:

Mark (email )
Agent (TV & Film) writing: email Ben Silverman  – ben.silverman@me.com  1-604-602-6649
Agent (Performance): Nigel Mikoski
Agent (Voice):  Rebecca Nield

Agent (Theatre): Michael Petrasek

Q: How do I book Mark for an event and/or book a performance of Greener Than Thou?

A: Contact Michael Petrasek: Michael@TalentHouse

Q Where does Mark live?

A: Home shifts between B.C. and Maui – but Mark is currently based in Saanich, BC.

Q: How do you pronounce “Leiren”?

A: I pronounce it “Leh-ren.” My Norwegian relatives mock me for this and pronounce it “Layyyyyyyyy-rehhhhhhn.”