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Big Bird Blues

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I just heard the news that Sesame Street turfed three cast members and thought… welcome to Trump’s America… Then I remembered this tune I wrote & performed a long long time ago with my friend, Art Norris, when we toured as Impolite Company. Who knew this would hold up? Miss Piggy’s gone bulimic since her little frog ran off…...

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Saving Toronto with Canada’s Eco-Icon Dr. David Suzuki

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We had a lot of special guests in Greenpieces: The World’s First Eco-Comedy (featuring Local Anxiety aka Kevin Crofton & me), but there was one person we were determined to include – Canada’s eco-icon Dr. David Suzuki. The premise of the special was that Kevin didn’t see trees – he saw dollar bills. And I never met a whale or tree I didn’t want to hug. Kevin worshipped um… Donald Trump. My hero was Dr. David Suzuki and I used his name as my eco-deity. When we found out my eco-hero was game to do a...

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X-Files Flashback: Talking to David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson & Chris Carter about Creating the Future in 1995

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  Back in 1995 I was on the set of The X-Files to write stories about the made-in-Vancouver sci-fi phenom for The Hollywood Reporter, TV Week and Shift Magazine (for editor Evan Solomon). Here’s the story I wrote for Shift. Or at least the draft I found in my personal x-files…   FBI special agent Dana Scully, The X-Files resident skeptic, is inside a North Vancouver video arcade (it will be Oklahoma on TV) questioning a clerk about a mysterious death in the parking lot the night before. The police believe the victim was...

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Canadian Government Passes Science Test

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In yet another sign that Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have a very different approach to drugs than the previous government, federal Health Minister Jane Philpott yesterday toured Insite, the long-standing supervised injection site on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and called the experience “incredibly moving.” – CBC News Federal Fisheries Minister Hunter Tootoo says science will determine not only which areas of Canada’s oceans the government will designate for protection, but also what development, if any,...

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Eating Pizza and Slicing up Capitalism with Michael Moore

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When I did my amazing gig last year as a guest lecturer at the University of Victoria I was asked a few times about my fave celeb interviews. One of the first that always comes to mind… Michael Moore… and not just because he fed me lunch. I was covering the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival for The Georgia Straight and my editor wanted a straight story, minus any first person anecdotage. It’s in their archives and it focuses on Moore’s fondness for Canada, eh. But when Melora Koepke heard about my interview she...

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Shylock review: Edmonton Sun

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EDMONTON FESTIVALS Review Fringe 2015: Shylock BY COLIN MACLEAN, EDMONTON SUN FIRST POSTED: THURSDAY, AUGUST 20, 2015 09:59 AM MDT | UPDATED: THURSDAY, AUGUST 20, 2015 10:01 AM MDT Shylock Photo by Gordon F. McKenzie Garneau Theatre It is sad to think that the issues of political correctness actor John Huston brought up in his SHYLOCK when it first played here a decade or so ago, have not only continued but have blossomed in our time like a malignant flower. The work is much updated and remains a riveting piece of thought-provoking theatre...

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Crossing the Line: You Can’t Say That!

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Crossing the Line: You Can’t Say That!

Mark Leiren-Young’s Southam lecture on Comedy, Censorship & Sensitivity in the 21st Century In 1991, I found myself in the middle of an international free speech firestorm after CBC radio’s flagship show Morningside censored my radio drama, Dim Sum Diaries . This Tuesday, almost 25 years later, CBC radio broadcasts my 2015 Southam lecture: You Can’t Say That!? Comedy, Censorship and Sensitivity in the 21st Century. Ideas has combined the lecture I delivered at the University of Victoria last October with an interview with host...

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Shylock review: Winnipeg Free Press

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In this intelligent, provocative, powerful one-man show, Toronto-based John D. Huston does masterful work as Jon Davies, a Jewish actor playing the moneylender Shylock in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. The contentious production has just been shut down over accusations of anti-Semitism, and Davies holds a “talkback session” with the audience to defend his work. With a script by Mark Leiren-Young, the 90-minute work is packed with ideas about history, identity, censorship and the nature of art. As Davies speaks about the...

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Prolific writer chronicles big trouble in little city

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Prolific writer chronicles big trouble in little city By Tom Hawthorn (From the Globe and Mail, Nov. 26, 2008) Mark Leiren-Young finds trouble. Or, rather, trouble finds him. He writes a radio play exploring racial attitudes and is accused of racism. He writes a stage play about Shakespeare and censorship and anti-Semitism and not everyone gets the point. He writes political satires, and we all know how satire is a universal language of respect and understanding. So, you might be forgiven for thinking he has adopted as his first name the...

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