Words and Music by : Mark Leiren-Young and Kevin Crofton

He shoots, he scores, he hits the boards
He skates, he checks, he slashes
He flies, he falls, he dipseydoodles
He hits and maims and bashes
From O Canada through overtime
Three periods or more
I love to boo them referees
And watch those Sedins score

‘Cause I’m a hockey nut in Canada
I love to watch them pucks
I scream my lungs out at the games
and cheer for the Canucks!

When I hear games on my radio
I’m such a hockey slave
That even when I’m driving
I like to do the wave
I don’t believe in gambling
My kids go to Sunday school
But I can win five thousand bucks
If I take my hockey pool

Yeah I’m a hockey nut in Canada
Draught beer runs through my veins
I almost missed my wedding
For an overtime playoff game

I call the radio hotline shows
I read the sportspage without fail
And I think Bertuzzi will be a superstar
If he can just stay out of jail
They traded Wayne to the USA
It made me want to cry
Now the only cups the Oilers have
Are underneath their flies

Oh I’m a hockey nut in Canada’s
I love those hockey stars
And I just sold my house to buy
Loungo’s rookie card

Don Cherry is a real fan
He’s a hockey connoisseur
With fights and spears and lotsa blood
He loves his hockey pure
I love to watch our national sport
In the true north strong and free
All our hockey heroes
The Russians, Finns and Swedes

Oh I’m a hockey nut in Canada
I love to watch them pucks
And this is gonna be the year
We win the Stanley Cup