Words and Music by : Mark Leiren-Young and Kevin Crofton
The sign on the awning said “Best Coffee in Town” It was early, I was drowsy, life was gettin me down So I walk in this store with all these fancy machines And a thousand and one kinds of strange coffee beans Now all I want is just one coffee black But the guy at the counter: he turns and he says back:

“We got decaf and recaf flown fresh from Sumatra A Sicilian espresso, called a triple Sinatra A house blend from Kenya fresh roasted with care.”
Got any instant?
And he shoots me this glare

I drive down the street, to the neighbourhood diner. They got burgers, shakes, fries and nothing much finer. I haven’t been there in years, but the place hasn’t changed, tacky placemats all neatly arranged. I smile at the waitress and she smiles back. She asks for my order, I say — one coffee black.

“We got double mocha decaf with Arabian beans. Viennese Cappuccino. Costa Rican Supreme. A steamed triple latte—the milk is low fat.”

Just coffee I plead.
“What’s that?”

I run cross the street to the new corner store. They sell sodas, magazines, junk food and more. I need some caffeine, my nerves are all shot, but I see my salvation – eight bubbling black pots. I point and say coffee? The guy asks me what kind. Plain, black, and fast or I might lose my mind

“We got caffe Verona and Malaysian vanilla. A new Christmassy Java hand picked in Manilla. A tall dark Colombian. Guatemalan fresh brewed. Gold Coast. French Roast. A lovely blend from Peru.”

I finally surrendered now I grind my own beans. I bought my own shiny espresso machine
Got a cappuccino maker installed in my car. And a frequent flier card for the new coffee bar. But there’s moments of weakness, when my tastebuds go back and I dream of the old days and plain coffee—black.

We’re talking instant, a couple lumps of pure white sugar, whatever happened to sugar cubes anyway, a bit of whole cream, the dangerous artery clogging stuff and enough caffeine to keep to keep an entire university campus awake all week. I mean who died and declared the world should be run by Starbucks?